The Group

A word from the CEO

Philippe Pavageau – Président ALKOS  Group – AAXEN

ALKOS Group gathers INTER Cosmétiques, SAGAL Cosmétiques and ALKOS Cosmétiques under its name to serve global players of the Cosmetic industry worldwide.

Our Mission is to build seamless Partnerships with our customers to accelerate and drive Growth by promoting Innovation and consistently delivering High Quality products On Time.

We have partnered with a wide range of beauty Brands, from mass to masstige and prestige, distributed through all types of distribution channels: from selective to retail and E-commerce.

To accomplish this mission, our People work each and every day with Passion and Dedication toward Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction.

Each product we make is created, formulated, produced and assembled in our 3 French factories, taking into consideration product marketing trends and the latest research from our R&D labs, which work in compliance with the most demanding regulations in order to satisfy consumers’ desire and their Safety.

If “Made in France” is important to you and your Brand, ALKOS Group delivers exactly what you need.

If required, we would be able to find local partners to produce “Created in France” products with the same level of Innovation, Quality and Safety, only closer to your markets.

In addition, we feel it is important to mention that, as a member of the French chapter of the UN Global Compact, we are committed to taking actions and assuming our responsibilities to protect the Earth and Human Values.

We are looking forward to partnering with you to create the world’s best-loved and safe Beauty Products for tomorrow!!

Philippe PAVAGEAU, ALKOS Group CEO, AAXEN President



  • 1794

    Nicolas Jacques CONTE invented the process of encasing graphite leads in a wooden cylinder.

  • 1983

    CONTE Cosmétiques is part of BIC Group.

  • 1986

    Creation of INTERCOSMETIQUES (Skincare & Makeup) in Angers (13 people).

  • 1996

    Purchase by Mr. G. Gieux and new ALKOS Cosmétiques identity (Boulogne-sur-Mer).

  • 1999

    Purchase of SAGAL (soaps & sticks) in Chartres, created in 1981 by Chanel, Dior & Guerlain.

  • 2008

    Purchase of both INTERCOSMETIQUES & SAGAL by ALKOS Développement.

  • 2011

    New Top management & New Strategy.

  • 2014

    ALKOS Group & COSMOGEN have merged into the same Holding AAXEN. MBO majority shareholder 51% and private historical shareholder Mr. G. Gieux.
    Mr. D. Vautier is named President of the Holding.

  • 2016

    New visual identity, international development in the USA & Brazil.
    Mr. G. Gieux becomes majority shareholder with 97% of Group shares.
    Mr. Ph. Pavageau is named General Manager of AAXEN in November to prepare for Mr. D. Vautier’s retirement.

  • 2017

    Mr. Ph. Pavageau is appointed President CEO of the Holding after Mr. D. Vautier officially retires in July.