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MakeUp in Paris 2017 : press overview

This year again, our new formulae and innovative textures made a splash! Quick overview of this 8th edition of the Parisian makeup and skincare show.

Airtight packaging is on the rise !

Cosmétiquemag (N°184 June) - Liquid makeup formulae are having a moment in the industry, and private label manufacturers and packaging suppliers need to work together to find the best packaging+formula combination to best deliver outstanding products. ALKOS Group shares its savoir-faire.

SAGAL Cosmétiques and the return of solid soaps.

Solid soaps are making their come-back! Expression Cosmétique dedicated a fascinating article describing the processes and challenges of solid soap making, to which ALKOS Group and SAGAL Cosmétiques contributed.

As seen on Cosmopack 2017 : press review

Click on the "read more" button to read some press reviews of our newest products and innovations launched for Cosmopack as featured in :

Cosmétiquemag, Formes de Luxe and BW Confidential !

Discover our new felt-tip liners collection for eyes, eyebrows and lips, our super trendy "Mad Matte" lipstick or Sun Drops Tinted Lotion for colour cosmetics, and for skincare, stay travel-ready with our Stick With Me butter-on-stick Travel Cleanser and Peel and Reveal 2-step face mask !

ALKOS Group focuses on full-service

The article "Full-service, les fournisseurs à plein régime" from Cosmétiquesmag (N°181, March 2017) talks about how the "full-service" trend is taking over the manufacturing and sub-contracting world. For brands, it has become the best solution to launch quality products globally with a short time-to-market.
ALKOS Group shares advice and experience on the topic.

ALKOS Group at the forefront of make-up innovations in 2016 on Premium Beauty News

In the article "The best of make-up innovation in 2016", Premium Beauty News features the best actors of the beauty industry and this year's makeup trends. ALKOS Group is cited as one of the most innovative cosmetic supplier, with some formulae to remember, like the Moonlight Kiss Fluo Lipsticks that shine under the black light and Perfume Touch'Up, a solid perfume gel pencil.

Changes ahead for ALKOS Group

This article from the French weekly edition of Cosmétiquemag hebdo explains ALKOS Group's latest news, including its change of capital, newly appointed General Manager Philippe Pavageau and the growth of full-service projects with comments of Dominique Vautier, current CEO.

MakeUp in NY innovations feedback : ALKOS Group in pole position !

The MakeUp in NY fair showcased this year's best innovations and new products, and ALKOS Group has made it to the top five ! The IT product for this year, and overall great success, was the clear perfume sharpenable plastic pencil : the Perfume Touch Up.

ALKOS Group invests in industrial expansion

"French cosmetic formulator ALKOS Group is set to open a new industrial site in Anger, France, this coming October."
Discover the full article from Formes de Luxe - Sept. 2016.

Cosmopack 2016 Focus on the latest mascaras

ALKOS Group adds mascara to its roster

Interview of Dominique Vautier, CEO of ALKOS Group

A new factory for INTER Cosmétiques in 2017!

ALKOS Group announces the opening of a new INTER Cosmétiques factory in Angers in 2017 for formulating, manufacturing and packing beauty skincare and makeup products: a new step in the process of developing its business. Restructuring works will begin late second semester of 2016 and terminate early second semester of 2017.